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The simplicity of black and white

The simplicity of black and white is magic in its' minimalism. Some of our favourite black and white inspiration: Bi...

My favourite stories

The stories we tell each other, and ourselves, are incredibly powerful. The stories we read are powerful. The stories...

The beauty in nature

Nature remains one of our constant inspirations at Ekcelent and Co and I wanted to share some of our favourite images...

3 fabulous trends, 3 not-so-fabulous trends

Open a magazine and you will be hit with the trends of the season.  Wierd, wacky, fabulous, outrageous and everything...

4 things fabulous women do

We read a lot about the things we could or should do. Knowing so many fabulous women - working with them and for the...

Fabulous is found everywhere: accounts to follow

If you aren't already following these fabulous Instagram accounts, get amongst it now.

5 Ekcelent women I'd invite for dinner

In idle moments I have compiled lists of people to invite to dinner.  I love a good dinner party - good food, great c...

A Mother's Son

Mothers will always be human, they have failures, successes, adventures and stories you could only believe if you wer...

Things I learnt from my mother

I am sure many of us went through a phase in our lives where we didn’t want to be anything like our parents.

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Some people will think this a trick question and for others, it will be a real struggle - they are torn between minim...

Minimalist Design Inspiration

Minimalism - a constant inspiration and a reminder, not all things need to be complex to be beautiful.

Stainless Steel - Strong and Detailed

Stainless Steel is one of the most extraordinary materials to work with as a designer.  
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