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3 fabulous trends, 3 not-so-fabulous trends

Open a magazine, and you will be hit with the trends of the season.  Wierd, wacky, fabulous, outrageous and everything in between.  Celebrities tend to pioneer some pretty left of centre trends, but we aren't talking about them.  We are talking trends that filter down to the high street, to the average non-celebrity.



Oh my!  The rise and rise of flats in the world of footwear is a blessing to women everywhere.  Sure, you can still get your high heel fix if you want, but increasingly footwear companies are putting out good looking AND comfortable flats.  I know!  How odd?!

And with the rise of flats, we have seen the rise of good looking trainers.  The sort you can wear with a lovely 'office' outfit.  Nigella SLAYED the sentiment around trainers in this tweet:nigella lawson is awesome


The rise of slow fashion, in direct opposition to cheap, poorly made, trendoid fashion is a delight to witness.  It so far is primarily the remit of smaller brands and labels, but we love that more of these brands are looking to hand-crafted, well-sourced, responsibly-made pieces that are designed to the centrepiece of your wardrobe rather than a here-today-and-gone-tomorrow item.

My favourite practitioner of slow fashion in Brisbane is the fabulous Pamela Easton who has started up her self-titled label.  Beautiful pieces in her inimitable style.  J'adore!

pamela easton's new label


As large and small brands continue to embrace diversity (thank goodness!) it is refreshing to see women of colour and women who don't have young and taut skin come to the fore.  And yes I know Julia Roberts and Isabella Rossellini front campaigns, but they aren't your regular Joline, and they are still retouched in photo campaigns.

There are some great makeup artists who produce video content tips and tricks for women to build their confidence in makeup and not needing to look #instaready.  My fave is Caroline Barnes.  

caroline barnes speed beauty




Maybe it's because I live in Australia where the sun is a real (and dangerous) thing, but I don't get the trend of small sunglasses.  Surely the point of the glasses is to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect them?

small sunglasses aren't fabulous

2. PVC

Urgh.  Sweating in your shoes (or your clothes) isn't cool.  I don't understand how a trend like this gains any traction.  It doesn't breathe; it doesn't stretch or give, and it doesn't work with the movement of your body.  Put another way; it is just plastic. Hopefully, this remains niche.  

pvc plastic fashion trend


This. Is. The Worst. Trend. Of. All.  It is dreadful for the environment; it is often made in poor conditions, it looks cheap.  There isn't anything nice I can say about it. 

And if this headline doesn't typify the whole category, I don't know what does.

fast fashion

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