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Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Some people will think this a trick question and for others, it will be a real struggle - they are torn between both sides of the force!

I am one that sits on both sides of the style fence.  I love more - more colour, more texture, more layers, more outré.  

And then there are the days when I take delight in wearing the least number of garments, in the cleanest silhouettes, with recessive accessories.


  1. You have purged your closet.  Several times.  This year.  You have donated the items you haven't worn in ages, the ones you have worn lately but didn’t love and anything you are tired of.
  2. You prefer simple silhouettes.  Not one for gathers, ruffles or flounces, you also disdain too many layers.  Clean lines with minimal details are the way to go.
  3. You prefer one or two colours in an outfit and like the clarity of colour blocking.
  4. The colours you prefer aren’t ‘shouty’ - navy, black, white, blush, tones of grey, deep green.
  5. If you do a printed fabric, it is a stripe.
  6. You have the items that you know work for you in quantity.  That doesn’t mean you own 3 pairs of exactly the same pants (although if you do, congrats on knowing what works), but you own classic shirt shapes in classic colours.
  7. Jewellery is simple and personal.  You don’t want to look like everyone else, so you select items with clean lines, simple finishes, in a few key metals.  You eschew bright colours and large costume jewellery.
  8. Experimenting with layers and extreme shapes is for other people.


  1. You believe fiercely in the power of complementary and contrasting colours and textures to enliven your outfit, and your day
  2. You love full, gathered, layered, embellished, accessorised, embroidered, beaded, accented items.  Together.
  3. Giambattista Valli’s colour combinations and silhouettes have you swooning.
  4. You may choose to wear a simple piece, but it is either the exception to the rule or it is accessorised with something truly outrageous.
  5. Coco Chanel’s advice of removing one item before you leave the house seems like a waste of your incredible collection of accessories.  You are more likely to add an item.
  6. Your favourite colours are bold and you see no problems wearing them together.  Carmine, candy pink, olive, marigold - the names of colours excite you even before you put them on!
  7. Your wardrobe is often heaving with items and you are comfortable pulling together disparate colours, prints and shapes to form entirely new outfits.

Ok, ok, after writing these two lists it is very clear I am a maximalist.  I still appreciate the simple, minimalist lines of our jewellery though.  I just choose to wear it with items that are a bit shouty.

So they work if you are a minimalist (wear them as a simple demonstration of your personal style) or a maximalist (add them to an outfit that already has a lot of line and shape to speak for itself).  Either way, you can tell your story through Ekcelent and Co jewellery.


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