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The genesis of Ekcelent and Co

When you meet fantastic people sometimes you meet people and it all just … clicks.

You realise you share philosophies and a vision and a sense of humour and a love of good food.

Trent and I and his fabulous wife Bec, we just clicked.  Bec is brilliant.  Funny and kind and lovely.  Just like Trent.

Trent and I met when I was teaching digital marketing at TAFE Queensland, and Trent was studying.

Bec and Trent had business interests outside their day jobs, and I provided a sounding board for this work, and we established a lovely dynamic. 

From there idle chat turned more concrete at the beginning of 2017 and starting ekcelent, and co seemed a natural progression for our interests.

Whimsical and striking designs

We knew we wanted to work with the simplicity of stainless steel to allow the jewellery designs to be the hero.

We knew we wanted striking designs.

We knew we wanted to be able to build both a core range and jewellery based on trends, to give our customers the best of both worlds.

ekcelent and co are about striking designs, rendered in stainless steel to provide you with maximum impact for minimum weight (as a lover of big earrings, I know how taxing a heavy earring can be!).

Thanks for choosing ekcelent and co to be part of your accessory life!

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